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My name is Daelan Hollingsworth, and I am from Pontotoc, MS. I attended South Pontotoc High School, and now I go to Base Camp Coding Academy in Water Valley, MS. Since I was young, I have always loved computers, games, music, and dabbled in coding here and there. I'm excited to learn more, both technically and professionally, on the job.


python html css django

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At Base Camp Coding Academy in Water Valley, we have completed many projects based on the skills we have learned. Some turned out terrific, whereas some crashed and burned. These are some examples of the successful projects that I have either worked on by myself, or with others.

Red the GOAT

pic of goat red website

This project was about who we thought was the GOAT, Greatest Of All Time. We completed this to demonstrate that we understand basic html and css.

Git Page

Foundation of Saving Animals

pic of charity project

The goal of this project was to invent a charity. We demonstrated how we grew in our understanding of css and html. In this project, we were not required to use multiple html pages, but for the sake of my mind, I did.

Git Page

Inventory Manager

pic of management system

This project was a personal project on Replit, which helps the Management Team at Base Camp with inventory by keeping track of the item, quantity, notes, and the date that it was last ordered.

LOZ Great Plateau Fan Game

image of module 1 project

This was a fun adventure based game that Jacen Barefoot and I worked hard on it, and in the end, it worked out fine. You start at the Shrine of Reserection. When you walk out of the shrine, you can either go to the other three shrines, or fight.

Basic CRUD App

screenshot of basic crud

This is the very first CRUD app I worked on, and it did help teach valuable skills. These skills include how to make persistant storage, write to the .txt files, and pull from the .txt files.

Persistent CRUD App

screenshot of persistance crud

This is another CRUD app that will remember the password, username, website, and whether or not it was a favorite from past uses.